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Re: Theory on money in the 24th century

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I dunno, Sisko, Riker, O'brien and Eddington always went on about how "real food" tasted better. Would real car parts work better? Would real lightbulbs last longer? So on...
Good question. Study technology more. The answer with "real lightbulbs" and "car parts" is no. Why would "current manufacturing tech" be better?

When it comes to TECH objects the specifications are much more readily quantifiable and easier to manipulate with say ..a replicator. Which is basicly nano technology. Even if a laser cut a flange from a raw piece of aluminum to mount a turbo charger onto my exhaust manifold there are still microscopic imperfections but these are correctable with gaskets which we use to create proper seals. Replicator technology allows you to create precise molecular and atomic structure.s

But food is not the same. As are all things "human". Smell, sound, taste, touch. It is the IMPERFECTIONS ....that make them appeal to our senses. Sometimes a perfect steak (which a replicator can provide) wont suit your taste buds ..but that is subjective , its a perfect steak by all means but it lacks artistic flare is not the same boat.
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