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Re: Theory on money in the 24th century

It costs not only energy but time. Even if you have energy, it must be allocated to produce your raw materials. This is a service and means less energy elsewhere which means some type of compensation is needed to the energy producer to provide this service.

You also have man hours and time. These must also be compensated. If you read the article (good post btw. I stumbled across it a couple years ago), and further study parecon it is a planned economy.

Even for people without replicators its fine. Community centers and local governments would all host periods to discuss resource requirements ,projects, population needs, consumable goods etc annually or bi annually or quarterly. As a citizen you submit the resources you will require or desire, for which you will be allocated so much work. On the other side the governments coordinate to manage production in anticipation for the requested consumables.

Sadly we do not see the economics of startrek. its a military lifestyle so "whatever" currency they get, or w/e they are allocated into their "bank accounts" or "resource pools" is irrelevant since like on current naval vessels, all your food, lodging, recreation is provided for and you basicly live for free off the energy and supplies of the ship.
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