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Re: So what do you think is gonna happen for the Fiftieth Anniversery?

I'm not sure what will be done, but I'm sure there will be the usual propaganda. Roddenberry will be spoken of as if he were a diety. Words like "visionary," "optimistic," "messages," "intelligent," "before its time," "morality play," will be thrown around. Nichols will retell her Martin Luther King, Jr. story to anyone who will listen. All the living actors will remind everyone how important Trek was.

J.J. Abrams will take time from the set of directing "Star Wars" to tape a message thanking Paramount for giving him the opportunity to reignite Trek, and wish it well as he moves on with "Star Wars" as Disney changes its mind and offers him control of all three movies.

Seriously --
What would be really neat is if some theater chain worked out a deal with Paramount to re-release some of the more popular movies and TV episodes on the big screen for limited engagements over a period of time. Even if it meant midnight viewings.

It'd be fun to see TWOK on the big screen, again. And, it would be a first for a lot of fans.
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