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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

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^ Awesome! I will definitely have to check that out. Fortunately it's not too far from my hotel.
The Public Market is a lot of fun, you could easily spend a day there. For food I would recommend the upper level cheese shop (they make fresh curds on premises that are delicious), the Russian meat pie shop, and Cinnamon Works, the bakery with amazing molasses cookies -- there's also a guy who sells delicious spiced jams, like strawberry jalapeno. On the second level there is a great comic book and novelty shop that would probably interest you (at least, I hope it's still there!). If you want a good dinner, go down to the first level and cross the street to the piers. Ivar's is a great Seattle staple. Ivar's restaurant is on one of the piers (54 or 56 I think), and serves a great clam chowder (get the white, it's better than the New England) and good lobster, with an excellent view. The prices are good and it's nice but not too fancy. If you're not in the mood for a proper sit-down meal, they also have an Ivar's fish and chips stand next to the big restaurant.

Have fun in my hometown!

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