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Re: FAULTY - the two worst TOS remastering mistakes

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Having shots of the Enterprise look all cartoony when the rest of the show is live-action.
jayrath wrote: View Post
Calling it "remastering" in the first place. Remastering is reorganizing existing elements, not introducing new material.
Yes and yes.

To which I would add drastically changing ship designs and other things to look more contemporary. In particular I'm thinking of the blinking Gorn, the awful hull plating on the Romulan warbird in "Balance Of Terror," Kara's spaceship in "Spock's Brain," the Tholian ships in "The Tholian Web" and the shitty energy barrier in WNMHGB. I also don't think the "new" opening shot of the Enterprise in "The Cage" is as dramatic as the original. They also lost a few iconic shots I really liked.

There are a host of other things, but it all adds up to me refusing to buy TOS-R and stick with my dvd box sets.

Maybe one day TOS will be enhanced yet again only this time with a vision of making it all look like it's all of the same show while still featuring upgraded f/x.
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