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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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That it took me TWO hours to watch this due to near constant interruptions may have contributed to my mehness.
No, it really wasn't that great an episode. It was nice to have some backstory given for Mitchell, but otherwise, meh.

And yes, it essentially is a remake of a Voyager episode.

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And Martouf was looking older (and better).
I always thought Martouf's teeth looked far too white in this episode. Strange comment, I know.

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Stronghold: Eery time I see the Goa'uld again I think OH I MISS THEM.
The final battle at the end of this episode (the combined SG teams against Baal's Jaffa) is one I've always liked, primarily because it feels like old school SG-1 with so much nostalgia and really made me realize how much the Ori story had changed the show. Baal himself is great in this episode, especially when he admits to Teal'c that he's not really a god.
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