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Re: Which book comes first?

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^ I agree, I just read through these books recently and didnít really feel like the new characters were portrayed very inconsistently at all. They were so new and broadly defined in Q & A that i hand no problem with the way they acted in the next book.


To be honest though i realize my opinion is probably the minority because i loved Before Dishonour and most people seem to have hated it.
Perhaps the minority here, but I doubt the dislike is that widespread - a good amount of it is due to issues that don't actually have anything to do with the quality of the writing.

That said, you may want to spoiler tag the part of your post that I haven't quoted. The OP hasn't read this book yet.
I have now, so it's no problem. lol In fact I've read all of Greater than the Sum now too, and am reading The Eternal Tide while I wait for my copy of Losing the Peace to show up (I already read the Destiny trilogy a long while back, so I didn't skip them or anything).
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