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Re: 100th VOY caption contest! How Harry Kim Became Promoted!

Sorry Kim, regulations state you have to be "Fully functional and anatomically correct" to qualify for promotion.

But I'm a real boy!

Neelix: Gentlemen, nature's never-fail aphrodisiac: Talaxian lemur penis! It'll put hair in your teeth.

Paris: Pass.

Kim: An afro like Tuvok's?

My people have a name for it, Harry. We call it "Futile ass."
I thought that was a Borg term?
So? We should call it something else?

Woman: It's not the size of your torpedo, it's the dispersion of the fusion.

Kim: Huh?

Woman: It's been an hour. I give up.

Oh yes, Harry! Assimilate me into your Collective! to engineering?
It's been an hour. I give up.

Seven: The regulations for promotion were not as illogical as I first thought.
Janeway: Told ya. Now shut up and assimilate me. I've got a boiler full of Talaxian lemur.

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