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Re: Pick the 22 most important episodes...

Tosk: I'd thought about cutting Rivals and at one point did have it cut, but changed my mind because it seemed to be important in terms of the development of Julian and O'Brien' s friendship.

The same thing applies to Sanctuary as well in that it too was an episode that I myself had decided to excise at one point before changing my mind, mainly because of the reference to the Dominion that appears in the episode, although I guess it can be debated whether or not that's a big enough reason to keep the ep.

Re: your previous suggestions, Second Sight was, as I alluded to previously, the only one that didn't fit the criteria I wanted to emphasize and therefore made sense as something I could cut without screwing things up down the line.

Re: Melora, I don't know how prominent of a role the Klingon chef character - which is indeed whom I was referring to earlier - introduced in that ep plays in Playing God and didn't want to end up with a scenario where I cut his introduction and then regretted it later.
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