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Re: How to know when you're too old for your clothes

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I turn 28 today.
Happy Birthday!!!

scotpens, quite obviousely that sign was drawn without consulting a lawyer. It doesn't specify whether 21 is supposed to be the maximum age of the speedo or of its wearer, leaving a huge legal gap that can easily be exploited.

I agree with most of the 11 poins, with 2 exceptions and an addendum:

back up headgear looks plain idiotic at any age. My tolerance threshold in this case would be 5 years.

sweatpants are sports gear and should be worn in public as often as pyjamas: never

and #12 (my personal #1) wearing these horrible baggy pants with the bottom dangling around the wearer's knees ought to lead to immdiate castration in order to avoid this perversion to be passed on to any (unlikely as this might seem) offspring.
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