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Pick the 22 most important episodes...

... of DS9 Season 2.

Hi, all. I'm trying to create a 'streamlined' 22-episode version of DS9's second season, but need some help. The reason I want to cut four episodes is that I decided, as an exercise in creativity, to create some uniformity in terms of the amount of episodes in any given season of every one of the Star Trek series, which led me to a pattern of 20-22-26.

Anyway, back to my request for help. I'd like people to give me their picks for the 22 most important episodes of DS9 Season 2 based SOLELY on the following three criteria:
1) Major character moments both short-term and long-term
2) Important story arcs both short-term and long-term
3) Continuity in both the short-term and the long-term (including character references and/or appearances)

I'm already starting to watch the second season, BTW, so quick responses would be greatly appreciated.
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