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Re: Officially no series 8 in 2013

I have so many friends that like (some love) this show, but gave up watching it since its never on anymore.

They get busy watching other stuff or just gave up trying to figure out when its on. And even if its found to be on, they forgot what that season arc is or what the last episode they watched was about.

This show is making inroad in America so what do they do, split this season in half and show the last few starting in March and then no more till what Nov for 1 60 min episode and then wait till fall of 2014 to show maybe 5 episodes again.

Talk about killing your buzz and get forgotten.

Regarding the 50th.

Something like this you dont screw up. You have Baker, Davidson, Other Baker, McCoy, McGann nearing the end of their lives, and to piss this away for any reason just defeats the whole point of celibrating the 50th.

To just throw out a single 60 min episode and call that your 50th Anniversary is a slap in the face and showing no respect to this show.

Shows Big Finish cares more about this show than BBC does.
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