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Re: Theatrically Released Animated Superhero Movies

Samaritan wrote: View Post
I'd love to see Brad Bird do an animated Superman movie in the style of the Fleischer toons.
Zeus help me, so would I - though I can't help but suspecting the <10 minute format remains the ideal length for that sort of thing.

JD wrote: View Post
Gina Torres Wonder Woman
Those names go together like Keanu Reeves and Ernest Hemingway!

JD wrote: View Post
I think animation has a lot of advantages over live action stuff, with the biggest one being budget.
Maybe, but I think its biggest advantage is fast-moving elasticity and unapologetic unreality. If a live-action Elastigirl had done many of that character's lightning fast limb-extending gags, it'd cross into Uncanny Valley/Son of the Mask territory, but in The Incredibles, it works.
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