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Re: 100th VOY caption contest! How Harry Kim Became Promoted!

HARRY: Come on Captain Schweitzer. All the other bridge crew were assimilated. How could you possibly not promote me?
SCHWEITZER: Sorry Harry. Your talent is for Ops, not command.
HARRY: You made Icheb your first officer!
SCHWEITZER: He's a very bright young lad.
HARRY: Well maybe I'll find alternate universe where somebody else survived the Borg attack, and get them to promote me!

HARRY: Captain Paris, Commander Neelix, I made you your favorite dish.
PARIS: Thank you Ensign. Maybe I should re-assign you to mess hall to replace Neelix!

HARRY: Captain Chakotay, maybe I could replace B'elana as chief engineer, or Tuvok as chief of security?
CHAKOTAY: Crewman Kim, I am not in the business of promoting Maquis traitors.

HARRY: Captain Logan, I was thinking. Since we lost the entire senior staff in the Borg attack, and I am the only surviving bridge officer, and the only survivor who has ever commanded the ship...
LOGAN: No, I've got a more important job for you Harry. We're entering a region of space dominated by females, and we need a 'comfort boy' in order to dock in their ports.

HARRY: Seven?
ANIKA: Who is Seven? My name is Anika Hansen. And you are the cutest comfort boy they've ever given me.
HARRY: Umm...I don't suppose you could help me get a promotion?
ANIKA: I'll tell your Captain Hogan he can't dock in our port unless he promotes you.
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