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Re: Star trek: Continues Fan Series

VERY! Our use of a "historic tourist attraction" in Kitumba meant we could arrive at the location at 5pm...and we left 12 hours later, two days in a row. (I got so tired I was driving in circles around a town I knew by heart) We also used a local restaurant: same thing. Overnight shoots. For "Enemy: Starfleet!" and "Bread and Savagery" we used out door locations.... for ES we scheduled it, I believe, 7 times before we were able to actually film: due to weather concerns. (which involved a lot of not-used permits and insurance - having to purchase them every time it was scheduled.*) BAS we actually outran the rain to get the equipment and actors to the cars. It's not easy no matter how you do it...but it looks great if done right. (WWW was also filmed in several historic locations)

*no, we can't get away without permits and insurance. We use a licensed/bonded/etc pyro company and they can't operate without them.
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