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Re: 98th Annual Ronalds (film nominations)

Yes, some of the experiments regarding the score of silent movies are pretty horrible. There was also a version of Metropolis with rather annoying electronic music before the remaster before the recovery of most of the missing parts. The version of Nosferatu I own (a UK version I bought because at the time there wasn't a German version available on DVD) also comes with an annoying modern score I always have to mute.
Metropolis also is an exception because the original score is so interconnected with the movie. Its composer was present during the making of the movie and wrote some of it basically on set in accordance with the rhythm of the movie. That makes it much more impressive, I think, and the whole movie more of a masterpiece.
However, it isn't necessary to employ a whole orchestra for the score of a silent movie. For the DVD of Dr. Mabuse, the Gambler they had a new score composed and recorded (because the original score is lost) which consists of piano and a very small string section. I love it and it fits the movie really well.
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