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Re: Does It Get Better???

The racing girl was one of the Ziyals.

Look closer, this is the only episode where Icheb thinks of Seven as a lover more so than a mother or a friend. It's Gift of the Magi wierd.

Those aliens were Steptoe and Son... "Sanford" and Son. That Cube had been salvaged for their junk yard and they had sensors and alarms primed all over that Cube which is why they showed up minutes after Janeway had boots on the ground. Anyone who allows the unchecked proliferation of Borg technology is the same sort of asshole who would use AIDS for suntan lotion.

Janeway should not have left that cube in tact, and those aliens should not have let anyone else near it unless becuase they seemed like businessmen with a plan, that they were going to get enough money to live happily every after so far away from whosoever was idiot enough to think they could handle Borg tech wisely without it blowing up in their faces quickly.

Seriously, if you sell a suitcase nuke to a Pakistani, you do not book a flight to India.
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