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Re: Abrams turns Star Wars because of his "loyalty" to Trek

As someone who wasn't a big fan of Trek XI, I wouldn't argue its success or viability, I just didn't care for it personally.

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I side with kirk55555 in this arguement but wish Abrams well in his attempts to return Star Wars to a higher level. If he is not writing, I think as a director he will be ok. I disagreed with nearly every writing decision in Star Trek. Hated the lensflare no end, but thought his overall direction and shot choices were good enough.
As director, the lens flares were part of his direction and shot choices. And you can be damned well sure he'll use them in SW.
Hard to say, I think the flares were probably to sell us on the future as shiny, bright and new. I don't know that SW warrants such. Do the flares pre-date Trek?
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