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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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Anniversary nonsense appeals to hardcore fandoms. Paramount has already demonstrated that their business and creative decisions vis-a-vis Star Trek are no longer driven by that kind of pandering.
Anniversaries are marketing opportunities. Everyone else who has celebrated a 50th anniversary in recent years has marked it somehow, and most Trek anniversaries have been marked
Yes, and there's no reason at all to produce and release a 150 million dollar movie to support an anniversary unless it makes business sense in general terms. "Marketing opportunities" are exploited to sell product; product doesn't exist to assist marketing (regardless of what the guys in marketing believe).

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Paramount's going to let the Bad Robot people run this show for a while - so if the director isn't Abrams it will be someone mutually agreeable to him and to the Paramount suits.
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Bad Robot can still be involved even if Abrams does not direct.
You just repeated me.
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