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Re: Non Trek Fic - Doctor Who - The Many Doctors

Chapter 11 – The Doctor Vs. The Ori Part 1
“Unscheduled off world activation!” Sgt. Harriman called out as the gate activated. “Closing the Iris.” The Iris closed.

“Report,” General Landry said.

“Receiving IDC now, Sir,” Harriman said. “It’s SG1!”

“They’re early, open the Iris,” Landry said.

“Aye, Sir,” Harriman said.

The Iris was opened and Daniel and Lana rushed through the gate.

“Close the Iris!” Daniel called out.

“Close the Iris!” Landry said.

The Iris closed. Several thudding sounds could be heard as Ori foot soldiers met their ends, then the Stargate shut down.

“Dr. Jackson, where is the rest of SG1, and who is this with you?” Landry said.

“They have been captured by Adria!” Daniel said. He indicated Lana. “This is Lana Halaia, from Ao Plaailla. We barely managed to escape.”

The Doctor emerged from the TARDIS. “What happened, everyone got captured?” he asked.

“Yes, we all put up a fight, but they were all captured,” Daniel said.

“We were lucky to escape!” Lana said.

“Right, one rescue party coming up!” the Doctor said.

“Doctor, we can’t just charge into the situation without first debriefing Doctor Jackson,” Landry said.

“Good point, but in an hour I will be going to that planet and rescuing the rest of SG1 and my companions.”

“I’ll join you then,” Lana decided.

“Right,” Landry said.

Five minutes later, Daniel, Lana, the Doctor and Landry met in the briefing room.

For the first twenty minutes Daniel told the latter two of their mission until they entered Enb, then Lana joined him in the description of the mission.

“And then you were surrounded by the Ori troops?” General Landry asked.


“How did you escape?” General Landry said.

“I’m not sure, it was fairly chaotic,” Dr. Jackson said.

“The team put up a pretty good, fight, General, including that Kiara. She was using some kind of technology that I have never seen,” Lana said.

“I don’t think it was technology,” the Doctor said.

“Then what was it, Doctor?” Lana asked.

“An intrinsic power,” the Doctor said.

“That makes sense,” Daniel said.

“Maybe,” Lana said, not sure that biology could explain what she saw Kiara doing, despite the observed capabilities of the Priors and her encounters with the Ancients.

“So, they got captured. Why couldn’t you free them?” Landry asked.

“They were almost immediately beamed to one of the motherships. They had a portable Ring Transporter with them,” Dr. Jackson said.

“As you saw, we were chased to the Gate, and I wasn’t about to lead the Ori forces to a town or village that hadn’t been abandoned,” Lana said.

“So you say,” Landry said.

Lana turned to the Doctor, “could you scare the Ori off from my world?”

“No. All I will be doing is rescuing the rest of SG1 and my companions.”

“Really?” Lana asked dubiously.

“Yes. I have never been to this universe before. Therefore my reputation doesn’t precede me,” the Doctor said.

“And what sort of reputation do you have in your universe, Doctor?” Landry asked.

“You don’t want to know. I am seen as an incorrigible meddler in some places, and as a false trickster god in others. That is barely scratching the surface.”

“Can I accompany you on the rescue mission, Doctor?” Lana asked.

“Of course,” the Doctor said. “You said that earlier.”

Twenty minutes after the briefing ended, the Doctor, Lana, Daniel, General Landry and SG-6 meet in the Gate Room, next to the TARDIS.

“You’re sure you’re taking your ship, Doctor?” Landry asked.

“Yes, Even if it’s captured, neither the Priors nor Adria herself would be able to pilot it.”

“If you say so,” Landry said.

The Doctor opened the TARDIS door. “Let’s go,” he said.

Lana stopped as she entered the TARDIS. “Amazing, it’s actually bigger on the inside,” she said.

The Doctor snorted. “That’s hardly original,” he said.

“I thought it was,” Lana said.

“Actually, you may be the first to say ‘Amazing,’” the Doctor said.

“Good,” Lana said as SG-6 followed her in.

“Here’s our plan, we will wait until the SGC dials P6Y-362, or as the natives call it, Tiloana. Then the TARDIS will follow the wormhole there,” the Doctor said.

“Understood,” Colonel Francis Jameson, the commander of SG-6, said.

“Not all the natives, just those on the main continent,” Lana said.

“Good to know,” Daniel said.

Chevron Seven, Locked!” The Stargate opened with the usual kawoosh. The TARDIS then dematerialised.

The TARDIS in flight
The console room was shaking. “What’s wrong, Doctor?” Daniel asked.

“The Gate wormhole is interfering with the Vortex. But that can’t be possible!” the Doctor said.

“And yet it’s happening,” Captain Marcia Bates, SG-6’s scientist, said.

“Right, unless you can use the gate to time travel,” the Doctor said

“Actually, it can,” Daniel said.

“Oh those arrogant Alterans!”

“But it’s not a normal function of the gate. It occurred as the result of the wormhole interacting with stellar flares,” Daniel said.

“Not that arrogant then, but their tech isn’t making it easy for Gallifreyian technology to track it. We’re still in the Solar System. At this rate we’ll reach Tiloana in just over three years.”

“Doctor, a Stargate wormhole can only stay open for a maximum time of 38 minutes!” Daniel said.

“That is a limitation. But we’d experience those 3 years within the 38 minutes that the wormhole would remain open. Remember that the TARDIS can travel in time, Doctor Jackson.”

“There has to be an alternative, Doctor! We can’t spend three years travelling in here. We’d go mad,” Jameson said.

“That’s where you’re wrong. There is more to the TARDIS than just this room. It’s so vast that it would take more than the 1100 days the journey would take to explore it all,” the Doctor said. He walked to Helena Lawson, SG-6’s archaeologist. “Imagine a library so vast it would take decades to read all the books. The TARDIS has it. However, it isn’t a given that it would take three years. I may figure out a way to clearly scan through the interference and make the journey go faster.”
He flicked a switch on the console. “There I have established a spiralling Temporal Orbit around the wormhole, staying well within the 38 minute window.”

“What about food?” Marcia asked.

“The TARDIS can generate food indefinitely. There are gardens scattered throughout the ship,” the Doctor said as he left the console room.

“You heard him. We’ll start exploring the surrounds of the console room, now,” Jameson said.

“Yes, sir!”

Day 39
Daniel entered the TARDIS library. “Helena?” he called out.

Helena emerged from a nearby aisle. “Daniel?”

“The Doctor wants everyone in the Console room. He says it’s important.”

“I hope it’s a way to get to Tiloana quicker. As much as the TARDIS and this library are amazing, I don’t want to spend nearly three years here.”

“Same here,” Daniel said. They left the library.

The Doctor was waiting in the console room when Daniel, Lana and SG-6 entered the console room.
“What is this about? You have found a quicker way?” Jameson asked.

“Yes. I have found a way to take the TARDIS through the Stargate,” the Doctor said.

“That’s good, but we would have to return to Earth first, right?” Marcia asked.

“That’s true. It will take a month, or a few days less, to get back there. I’m just about to reverse course,” the Doctor said.

“But wouldn’t we crash into our previous selves?” Helena asked.

“I have taken that into consideration,” the Doctor said as he manipulated the console. The TARDIS lurched, sending the humans to the floor. “There, we’re on our way back to Earth.

“Swell!” Daniel said as he pushed Lana off him. She flinched and shoved his hands away.

“I can get up myself, Daniel!”


‘They seem to be getting closer…’ Marcia thought.

Day 61
The humans entered the Console Room as the TARDIS approached Earth.
“So what are we attempting again?” Jameson asked.

“We are going to materialise in the Gateroom and then go through the Stargate. We will then land somewhere safe on Tiloana,” the Doctor said.

“Sounds good,” Lana said.

“Everyone ready!” Jameson said. His team, Daniel and Lana got ready.

“Ready!” Lana said.

“Here we go,” the Doctor said.

32 minutes after the Stargate was activated the TARDIS rematerialised and then took off and approached the Stargate.

“Redirecting Artron Energy to the outer shell... now!” The Doctor than directed the TARDIS into the Stargate. “It’s going to get really bumpy!”

The TARDIS entered the Stargate, pushing the event horizon inwards, and then causing a reverberation, when it had entered. Then massive sparking, and electrical discharges occurred.

“Massive amounts of power...” Harriman said.

“Keep it open!” Landry ordered.

“The power grid can’t handle this much longer, the breakers are almost tripping!”

“Understood,” Landry said.

The TARDIS barrelled through the wormhole, keeping it wide enough to allow the police box shell through intact was a massive strain...

“How much longer?” Lana asked.

“A few more seconds!” the Doctor said, as he struggled with the console.

“Good,” Lana said.

The guards that the Priors had set to watch the Gate were confused. It had been open for over 30 minutes and yet nothing had come through. Suddenly the event horizon rippled in a weird manner and the TARDIS emerged from the Gate at great speed. They fired at the large blue projectile as the gate shut down, but their shots splashed harmlessly against the Extrapolator shield. The TARDIS continued on its way.

The TARDIS crash landed 10 kilometres from the gate.

The Doctor pulled Lana and Helena from the TARDIS which lay with the doors upwards. They then joined the others. “Right, you have any idea where Adria would have taken them?” the Doctor asked.

“They could be anywhere on this world, it’s been almost three hours, right?” Daniel asked.

“Yes,” the Doctor said.

“We better get moving. Can you get to where they were captured from here, Doctor Jackson?” Jameson asked.

“I think so,” Daniel said.

“Follow us,” Lana said.

After they helped the Doctor to set the TARDIS upright, they set off, despite the fact that the sun was setting.

4 hours later, they came to the site of the ambush. They could see no evidence of where the Priors may had taken the others.
“Well this has been a waste of time,” Daniel said.

“Not necessarily, they may be held back in N’b,” Lana said.

“That may be a wild goose chase,” Daniel said.

“Still worth a try!” Lana said.

“We can decide when the sun comes up. This is as good a spot to camp as any,” Jameson said.

“I agree,” the Doctor said.

12 Kalodar, 1027th year of Liberation (Ao Pliaalealan Calendar)
The Doctor and his group of temporary companions broke camp after a small breakfast.

“The village is less than an hour away,” Daniel said.

“Understood,” Jameson said.

The village was totally deserted. They had searched through and didn’t find any evidence that Adria or the Priors had been there.

They then headed in the direction of the TARDIS…

When they entered the TARDIS, the Doctor went to the console. “Ok, scanning for the Ori mothership…”

“Good,” Lana said.

“Ok, it took off six hours ago and headed into Hyperspace, towards the centre of the Galaxy,” the Doctor said.

“We’re too late then!” Jameson said.

“We’re never too late! I can still put the TARDIS aboard,” the Doctor said.

“Even whilst it’s travelling in Hyperspace?” Marcia asked.

“Oh, yes. Watch,” the Doctor said. He started to input coordinates into the console.

“This won’t take weeks too, will it?” Helena asked.

“No, ten minutes at most,” the Doctor said.

“That’s good,” Helena said.

Ori Crusade Vessel Glorious Retribution
Adria knew something was amiss. “Scan the ship,” she said.

“Yes, Orici,” the Prior said. He repeated the order.

The report soon came back. “There was a disturbance on deck 5. Getting a visual now.” An image of the TARDIS came up on the screen. The doors opened and Daniel Jackson lead a group of people out.

“Capture them!” She called out. “And that capsule that they have arrived in.”

“Yes, Orici.”

The Doctor locked the TARDIS and whipped out his sonic screwdriver. “I’m sure we have been detected. Security is on its way here,” he said.

“I know where the holding cells are, follow me,” Daniel said.

“Yes, Dr. Jackson,” Jameson said.

The team was halfway to the holding cells when they encountered resistance. They ducked into an adjoining corridor. “There has to be another way to get there,” the Doctor said. He used the sonic screwdriver to access a nearby computer panel.

“Orici, the intruders are accessing the computers. They’re bypassing the firewalls!” one of the bridge crew said.


“Deck 7, section 32.”

Adria stood up. “I’m going down there.”

“Yes, Orici.”

“Ok, there is an alternate route,” the Doctor said.

“Good,” Daniel said.

“Follow me,” the Doctor said. They quickly ran off as the security patrol arrived.
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