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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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Anniversary nonsense appeals to hardcore fandoms. Paramount has already demonstrated that their business and creative decisions vis-a-vis Star Trek are no longer driven by that kind of pandering.
Anniversaries are marketing opportunities. Everyone else who has celebrated a 50th anniversary in recent years has marked it somehow, and most Trek anniversaries have been marked. The 5th and 10th, and 15th weren't, but for the 20th we had Trek IV, Trek VI for the 25th, First Contact for the 30th, the priemiere of Enterprise for the 35th. Nothing for the 40th and 45th, so Paramount will want something this time around.

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Paramount's going to let the Bad Robot people run this show for a while - so if the director isn't Abrams it will be someone mutually agreeable to him and to the Paramount suits.
Bad Robot can still be involved even if Abrams does not direct. He didn't direct Ghost Protocol, but that's still considered a Bad Robot production. Hell, there was no guarantee Abrams would direct STID. Trek XIII could very well have a different director. Hell, it's something of a trilogy trope for the third film to be directed by someone different than the first two. With mixed results, admittedly, but it's still a trope all the same.
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