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Re: Katawa Shoujo anyone?

Yeah, I don't really even think about the brief sex scenes since to me they're no big deal. Its a love story after all. If you're mature about it, they're really quite sweet (or even downright funny if you play Emi).

I was rechecking the official website and you CAN download the whole game directly from there without torrenting. My bad.

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Hmm I don't really play that many computer games but this sounds really interesting so I might give it a go over the weekend.
You should man. I've been reading about it in various forums. Its kinda fun reading about hardcore gamers crying like babies. Apart from a few trolls, this seems to touch everyone who tries it.

Atm I'm still taking a break from it. I'm trying to pace myself since there probably isn't going to be a sequel. I'm thinking I'll follow Shizune's arc next.

In the meantime, theres plenty of KS stuff on Youtube. Including a series of cute flash animations

And a lovely medley of the games music.
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