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I just don't see the point to wielding 2 nacelles together like that, might as well make one big nacelle.

Oh, and, 69! dude!
ONE BIG NACELLE? Are you out of your Vulcan mind?!?

You GOTTA have the paired nacelles! Why? Well, BECAUSE! (For shits and giggles, at a minimum.)

(FWIW, I feel your pain. I, for example, just don't see the point in having a warp core intermix chamber right there inside the ship. All that dangerous energy, and we're going to bring it down inside the ship to mix it and knead it and whip it into a warp-powering lather?

Nah, I think there should be warp cores housed in each warp nacelle, right down through the centers of the warp coils. Stick some matter tanks in the front, some anti-matter taks in the rear, and go to town! But does anyone listen to ME? no.)
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