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Re: Last Resort Series Finale Discussion *Spoilers Possible*

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The President's assassination was badly shot/thought but overall everything was nicely wrapped. And for a brief moment I had the feeling Scott Speedman could act.
I haven't seen the episode since the Chinese took over a boat with the sailors' families on it. That was the last straw for stupid. The black guy running the island should have been killed about 100 times over. Then I saw he was still alive helping the Chinese last night and just rolled my eyes.

But the last scene with the woman shooting the president a few weeks after a coup?!!? That is just stupid. No way would have have even come close to happening. This show is a fantasy, but that just took me too much back.

It seems they had more than enough time to "tweak" the ending because what was a plan for a second season? Plan? Right they had no plan.

This would have made an amazing 13 episode miniseries, instead of the great 2-4 episodes we got with too much bullshit thrown at us for no reason.
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