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Re: 100th VOY caption contest! How Harry Kim Became Promoted!

So here is an example of how this story (how Harry Kim became promoted) caption contest works...

Kim: It's just not fair, even a hologram is promoted instead of me!
Doctor: That's because Mr Kim your uses are few...

Tom: Get over it Harry, sure the Doctor's a jerk but your day will come...
Neelix: And if you want to be promoted you've got to be adventurous...
Harry: Adventurous as in eating what looks like dead grasshoppers.
Neelix: Now you're cottoning on!

Kim: Seriously Chakotay, is it a jinx or something? I'm the only one who works his butt off and what do I get for it? Nothing!
Chakotay: That's your problem Harry you try to hard, now scram while I lose myself in this scenery and explore my inner spiritual being!

Kim: Seriously guys if I want to be promoted desperate measures are required..
Hogan: It's all about favours isn't it? I mean only the captain can promote you and who does the captain adore the most?
Kim: Seven?
Hogan: You persuade Seven and maybe she'll put in a favourable word...

Chakotay: I'll remember today's away mission for one reason; Harry begging me for promotion!
B'Elanna: Does that guy ever give up?

Seven: Yes ensign I'll put in a favourable word but it comes at a price.
Kim: Copulation?
Seven: Uh huh...

Janeway: I still can't forget what I saw in that Jeffrey's tube between you and ensign Kim, I can't believe you would stoop so low, you don't even like guys.
Seven: I swing both ways captain.
Janeway: Blackmail huh?
Seven: Jealous?
Janeway: Word hasn't spread around about you and Kim has it?
Seven: It could do...
Janeway: Is that so?
Seven: Kim might blab.
Janeway: Perhaps a promotion to lieutenant would shut him up...

Star Trek: The Approaching Shadow...

Caption contest: DS9
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