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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Jesus slow down a bit will you? I checked every frickin day I was on holiday for more updates, but now I'm back at work you're back pumping them out like easy Scott Bakula jokes.

Why GodBen, WHY?


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  • Lennier is a Ranger, but after an incident involving President Sheridan he ran away and joined Starfleet.

AR-588 is a very grim story, but I agree that the use of Quark as a commentator on all the craziness going on was a brilliant move. He's far more interesting than the Quark that pines after Ezri, or is trying to sort out the latest Ferengi shenanigans.

And of course blowing Nog's leg off at the end was ultimately a very good move by the writers. The episode does very well at showing how shitty war is, and I appreciated it very much.

Then we have to pause for Covenant, which is another boring one for me. On the one hand, Kira and Dukat sizzle on the screen together, and I find myself gripped to whatever they're talking about.

That particular week they were reading from Introduction to Cult Writing apparently, as the rest of the episode was plodding and predictable, which is a shame really.

Luckily, things are back on track with It's Only a Paper Moon, which is excellent. Nog has certainly earned the right to an episode to himself, and it's fascinating watch him retreat away from his real life into Vic's world.
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