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For me, it was interesting ponder how ancient people were able to perform seemingly miraculous engineering feats with basic and primitive tools and if it was possible they got some 'help,' or at least investigate how they might have accomplished that.
Maybe if they actually cared about and understood the engineering at those sites, sure. But they don't. It's 1 minute of "this baffles me and I don't understand how it was built, therefore noone could have built this" leading into 10 more minutes of "therefore aliens."

These people aren't archaeologists. They aren't anthropologists. Tsoukalos, for instance, has a degree in sports information and communications. Actual anthropological practices are ancillary when it comes to the ancient astronaut... idea.

Yes, idea. Its not even a hypothesis, much less a scientific theory.
Fair enough. Do you find any archaeological site to be baffling how ancient people built without some kind of 'help' and.or quantum leap in technlocical ability based on understood technologies at the time?

Again, on a few occasions I think the series asks some interesting questions. But agreed the lionshare of the series is about nonesense.
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