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Re: Ridiculous Injuries

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^Yeah. I was going down a steep hill on my bike -- it was a Strawberry Shortcake bike -- and the chain broke. It was nasty. It was summer, so I was wearing just little shorts and a tank top, and had road rash all down one side. When I landed, I didn't even move. The handlebar just stuck in my stomach, but what I was finally pulled up it just slid out. At first I just lay at the bottom of the road. Fortunately, there was a couple driving down the road who saw the whole thing, and they picked me up and took me home.
I too have had a few bicycle calamities. One of them wasn't really "stupid", just an unfortunate accident: I was about 8 years old and flying down a hill in a bicycle race, when I turned to look behind me and see how far ahead I was. There was a recently repaired hole in the road just before a manhole cover that had become indented from cars driving over it. My front wheel went right through the same spot, hit the lip of the manhole edge, and I went flying like a catapulted rock, landing on the pavement head first. I was a bloody mess with a concussion. Yeah, this was before the days of mandated bicycle helmets. Hence, I always wear them now.

The one I'd consider "stupid" was when I was cycling with a friend and I tried to get close to him to draft. I was fine for a while until he started slowing and unexpectedly moved slightly to his right. His rear tire rubbed up against my front tire. Before I could even react, my bike suddenly fell over to the right sending me face first into the pavement (deja-vu). I still have two visible scars from the incident, across my chin dimple (a little like Harrison Ford... ) and under my right eye. Thankfully over time they have "muted" a bit and so I don't look like I've had a rough life.
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