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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 4

If Kol dies, that only leaves Elijah, Rebecca and Klaus. Mikeal, Esther and Finn are already dead.

I guess Kol's fate might hinge on whether or not they had decided on the Originals' pilot before they shot the next ep or two.

So, Klaus turning people for Jeremy to kill is bad, but killing Kol and possibly thousands of others as a result is okay? Gotta love these people's morals. It is only bad if it does not benefit them.

Besides, those ninnies only have Klaus' word that they are of his bloodline. Elijah and Rebecca confirmed they were not, but Kol was nowhere around at the time.

Kol was purported to be a badass when first introduced, because didn't Elijah or Rebecca say that Kol could scare Klaus?

...and now baby hunter Jeremy is supposed to take down Kol when just a few minutes earlier he could not tie his shoelaces without Damon?

Besides, Elena's plan reeks of selfishness and stupidity because I think Kol is the only one that makes sense. Maybe unleashing a pissed off immortal that could kick all their backsides is a bad plan? Why is Kol the only one that sees that?

I am intrigued by whoever sent that man into Shane's office.

Hooray for an Elijah mention - I think he comes back because Kol is a goner.
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