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Re: Ridiculous Injuries

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I also broke my upper front teeth four times when I was kid. First time, falling face-first from my bike. Second time, being headbutted by another kid playing soccer (unwillingly: we were jumping at the same time to hit the ball). Third time, hitting face-first a closed door while running in dark (ouch). Fourth time, biting into some hard chocolate. It didn't even hurt, all I could think was "oh no, not again!"
Sounds familiar. I chipped my front teeth slipping on sand on the playground. One filling took; the other had continual repairs over the next 20 years.

I broke two teeth (top and bottom) on a frickin' tortilla chip--both had to be crowned. The dentist said he had patients break teeth on marshmallows!

Another time, Hubby and I were moving and I was packing boxes. I packed one box too heavy, but instead of changing things, I just pushed it across the carpet. A hall cabinet/closet door was open and I ran the top of my head into it. There was a lot of blood running everywhere. I called my parents, they took me to the ER--I got three staples into my head to close the 0.5 inch by 1.5 inch unevened-edged gouge in my head. I still have a dent and a soft spot there, 13 years later.

I seemed to have caused odd injuries, too:

One time, I threw a small pillow at my sister. She jerked her hand up to block it. Unfortunately, she had a salt shaker in her hand, one that had a point on it. It got her in the head and bleed like crazy. She freaked out at the blood. Tiny little puncture. My mom says only my sister could get so hurt from a pillow.

Another time, my sister and I were having a disagreement (well, a non-physical fight) in our shared bedroom. Our beds were at right angles at a corner of the room, so that corners of the beds were touching. She threw a punch. I took an opened-handed swipe--with my nails, my very short but very sharp nails. Got her on the inside of her elbow. She started bleeding in three red stripes. She freaked out (again!), but then she was always a drama queen.
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