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Re: Star trek: Continues Fan Series

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I am sure that was not a serious question, but more for fun. There is no way they can afford to create totally new sets. As it was, it took a multi-millionaire bank rolling the facility to get those great sets done.

And this is why everyone does TOS fan films and not movie era/TNG era. The sets are too expensive to build. Recreating 1960's TV sets is easy since they are pretty simple. Heck, there are THREE TOS bridges in the US now. There are ZERO other era sets.

I see what you mean - the main TNG era series use primarilly greenscreen (though Intrepid have converted their basement into a ready room and make use of the hills/mountains/caves around them)

A German fanfilm, Das Vermachtnis, built only a partial Enterprise-D bridge and shuttle, but they were both taken down after a period.

This British fan film built a smaller 24th Century bridge but I get what you mean - the TOS sets are easier to create in a fuller style.
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