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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

Our mileage varies on The Undiscovered Country, for sure; I thought Meyer was permitted to indulge himself to a greater extent than before and the movie suffered for it. The look and pacing of the thing was stodgy and uninventive. The mystery was sloppy. The script was larded with simplistic and rather lazy one-to-one analogies to then somewhat-current events and sprinkled pretty much randomly with literary and historical allusions that made less sense if one was aware of their original context than if one were ignorant (the subtitle being the first). Moments that were clearly intended to be sentimental seemed almost cynically inserted. All in all it took itself way too seriously.

OTOH, if Meyer was responsible for the "I'm from Iowa; I only work in outer space" line in ST 4 he gets a free roll.
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