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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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And how long until the 3rd movie?
We can take bets, but I'd say Summer, 2016. That would be with or without Abrams.

Of course, if Paramount really wanted to show who was in charge of Trek, they could tell the turncoat Abrams to f-off and put the third Trek movie out there with another producer/director to compete head-to-head with "Star Wars" in 2015. That'll show him who he's messing with, by golly! Right?

Of course, if cooler heads prevail, it may look something like this:
SW: Summer, 1977.
TMP: X-mas, 1979.
"The Empire Stikes Back": Summer, 1980.
TWOK: Summer, 1982.
"Return of the Jedi": Summer, 1983.
TSFS: Summer, 1984.

Why compete?
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