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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

This all goes back to the notion on the part of trufans that we're supposed to be engaged in some kind of personal, emotional relationship with the people working on these movies - they talk about disloyalty, and being jilted, and all kinds of adolescent nonsense. Then they express the peculiar notion that the rest of us must be interested in those fantasies as well.

Abrams does Star Trek. Abrams does Star Wars. If you like what he does, it's all good.

I suppose if you don't, you can make up incompetent similes or coin terrible memes like the "Lucas raped my childhood" thing in order to reinforce your personal feelings of victimization - but really, who the fuck does that kind of thing?

Pretending that the Star Trek franchise has suffered a terrible blow because the guy who's in charge of it goes from success to success, and that those of us who are enjoying these movies should feel bad, is simply sour grapes.

One more time, for anyone who's slow: it doesn't work for you to try to paint Abrams's success as some kind of failure for anyone involved; it simply demonstrates the desperate bitterness of some of those who don't like what he's doing with Star Trek - and what he and the people who work for him will continue to be doing with it for some time to come.
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