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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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Spin it all you want, he's got a new main squeeze.
And he is well within his rights to do it. You act as if Abrams invited Trek to the prom just so that he could dump pig's blood all over her face.

Life isn't "She's All That." Abrams didn't invite the ugly girl to the prom on a dare. He wanted to make a new Star Trek movie, and he did a good job. And now he's in the process of finishing another one, which looks like it's also going to be pretty good.

Star Trek, as a franchise, has seen a variety of different producers and directors. People move on to bigger and better things. We don't have any idea what's going through his head right now. Maybe he plans to stick around for Trek 3, maybe he doesn't. The bottom line is that people are allowed to change their minds. These are just movies. If Abrams leaves Trek, Trek will find another director.

The last job that I had I told myself could be a long-term career. 10 months later I found myself working somewhere else because I didn't like anymore. Things change. We can't all be held forever to the things that we say at one specific moment in our lives.
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