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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

“Where the frack did that come from?” blurted Sharon from the cockpit seats. Her six brothers and sisters were thinking exactly the same thing.

It was a Basestar, of course, but twice as large as any Basestar that the Cylons had ever constructed. The upper and lower arms were six fold, not three, each layered with a dozen or more heavy twin kinetic energy turrets—added to the scores of missile launchers and the complement of more than a thousand Raiders. From the top and the bottom both, a thirteenth and a fourteenth spire rose and descended. It was beautiful, it was horrific, it was a flagship such as the Twelve had never before dreamed of.

“This is my ship, children,” Daniel said calmly. “Built before my original ‘death’, and hidden away against future need. My chrome children have cared for it—and they crew it. And now that I have returned, so too has my ship.”

The other Basestars and lighter Cylon vessels gave the massive ship a wide berth. Already, twenty had been summoned—twenty Basestars to face off against the Guardians. And more were en route.

“With such a ship, we could have met and destroyed anything the Colonies have,” whispered Two.

“Indeed, my son,” Daniel told Leoben. And he sighed. “But today, it will receive its baptism in the fire of the Guardians.”

The Raptor floated in through a docking bay and it bounced once on the deck and then came to halt. The doors closed and air filled the bay before the hatch slid open, and the Twelve followed Daniel as he walked through the corridors to a central control room.

“Father returns, darkness falls, all is lost. Lost. Lost,” sang the Hybrid.

Dozens of Centurions manned control stations—and around the central column of the pedestal were twelve stations. And to one side, an elevated throne. Daniel walked up to the throne and he sat, the panels coming to life at his touch.

One-by-one, the children—the Cylons—took their places, although five remained empty.

“Set course,” Daniel ordered. “Let us meet my wayward daughter. JUMP!” he barked.

And in orbit above the world that the Cylons had claimed as their own—their home for so many long years—dozens of flashes of light surrounded each of the ships, before the dark sky returned again, leaving none behind.
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