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ENTER -- TNG Avatar Contest #64: Sins of the Father

Welcome to the TNG Avatar Contest! Let me first congratulate our most recent winners: JiNX-01, Samaritan, Praetor Shinzon, and R. Star! This week our themes are...

Episode Theme: Sins of the Father
Worf is plunged head-first into the politics of the Klingon Empire when his deceased father is accused of treason.

TNG Theme: Dr. Crusher
Commander Beverly Cheryl Crusher, MD, was the chief medical officer aboard the USS Enterprise-D and its successor, the USS Enterprise-E, both under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Random Theme: Scrubs
Share your favorite characters or moments from Scrubs history here!

All entries must be no larger than 140x140 pixels or 150kb in size. Entries will be accepted for 10 days, closing on the 4th of February. Following will be voting, to determine the winners of the...

Golden Data

Designed by Klaus

Good luck!
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