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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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That and there is a weird sort of Uncle Tom mentality in our fandom. Fans who dislike fans for being fans. Dennis, for example, paradoxically believes that fans are irrelevant (in which case they wouldn't matter either way), but are at least important in sense that they should be insulted by big wigs in a manner that reminds them how unimportant they really are (in which case they cannot be totally irrelevant, since you take no notice whatever of that which is truly irrelevant).
I can't speak for Dennis, but I just find adults acting like two year olds to be a bit silly. Internet tenter tantrums are just as ridiculous as those in the cereal isle at the supermarket.

At least, this is how Abrams feels. Star Trek just became a low priority.
You know what Abrams thinks and feels? Woah!
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