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Re: Uses of the Reliant studio model in Trek

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I seriously doubt that the storyline placing Starfleet in a situation of near defeat was based around the studios re-use of TMP era models!
Yes, I know that. As I wrote in my essays, there's usually no correlation between a ship in the script and what type of model was used to represent that ship, unless there was a specific description (i.e. a ship newer and more advanced than the Enterprise-D, for example).

I think it all it boiled down those models being cost effective cannon fodder, and it allowed bland unimaginative ships (imo) like the Defiant etc to stand out and look good.
It was cost-effective in that ILM's FC models were available, and Jein's Excelsior was available to be scanned, as opposed to creating new designs from scratch. How the ships looked compared to the Defiant had nothing to do with it.

The stand off between the Lakota with all the latest 24th century trimmings still on the verge of being destroyed by a small scout ship just reeks of Berman and Braga's petty underhanded dismissal of the TOS/TMP era.
Not quite sure what your B&B bashing means here. The Enterprise-B model was used for the Lakota because, as usual, it was deemed cheaper to reuse an older model than to build a new one. They also wanted an older ship per the script saying that the Excelsior shouldn't have as much weaponry as it does, because of it's upgrade. They weren't "dismissing" TOS/TMP.
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