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Diaper kitty has, since day one, pretty much slept on my wife's neck or face. (Unfortunately this is NOT a flattering pic of my wife, who would probably kill me for this.) Banshee will sleep on me too, but I have to move her before very long since I'll start itching due to my slight allergy. Sneezy (the tuxedo cat looking on) is rather miffed at this, since she's pretty much always slept on top of my wife, but usually on her side/back/chest. Sneezy's also older and rather cranky these days...

Of course when Diaper Kitty can't find one of us to sleep next to, she has a substitute:

I think she would sleep next to her best buddy Phantom if she could, but neither of us has figured out where he sleeps yet, or even IF he sleeps! He's rather active and gets into, well, everything. Found him yesterday stuck hanging from the chain to the ceiling fan by one claw. He and our 4 year old son have pretty much the same personality, just in different bodies.

Oh, and we think there may be hope for Banshee to be out of the diaper someday. After I took off her diaper yesterday, she went to the litter pan and squatted for a minute. Nothing happened, but shortly thereafter I had to clean off some "Klingons". So we think she knows when she has to go, but doesn't have the muscle control yet.
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