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Re: Remove One Letter

The Ood German - An episode of Doctor Who set in Berlin of 1945.

, Ube 2: HyperUbe and Ube Zero - A century spanning series of documentaries about the City of Ube, in the Yamaguchi Prefecture in Japan, as it struggles with the cubistic maze of dangers lurking within an ongoing unstoppable industrialization.

Monsters, In - Exploitation porn-flick from 2002.

Death of a Resident - Dramatic documentary about what could happen if a resident in a rest-home suddenly died.

A Hump at Oxford - Early, vintage if you will, exploitation porn-flick.

Fahrenheit 51 - Family friendly rom-com about a mom & dad couple who fight over the temperature in their bedroom.

Latte Days - A lactose intolerant gay party animal falls for a young barista, leading to crisis, cliché, and catastrophe.

Planet Error - After an experimental computer virus is released, turning thousands off their zombie-like on-line existence, it's up to a rag-tag group of geeks to stop the infection from spreading and those behind its release.

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