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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Well I really think the lynchpin was Martin Prado. Prado started the all star game at second base in 2010. Guys like him are valuable considering he has literally played every position on the field for Atlanta except pitcher/catcher. He's a solid two hitter with mid range power. The Diamondbacks outfield isn't all that bad at the moment with Kubel, Ross and Parra. I think they just tried to fill as many gaps as possible rather then keep a player who didn't want to be there.

That being said I am very excited for the season. The Braves have six guys that will probably hit more than 20 HR's (Jupton, B.J., McCann, Freeman, Uggla and Heyward) Can you imagine how good this team could be if Uggla could find his swing. My only concern is that we really don't have a leadoff hitter and the 2-6 guys are going to strikeout often.
I wonder why there's so much talk about the lead-off hitter. He's only guaranteed to lead off once.

After that, he's as likely to bat third or fourth in an inning, at which point his speed isn't as important.
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