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Re: FAULTY - the two worst TOS remastering mistakes

Commander Quaice ~

Your point is well taken, however as a special fx guy myself, I am well aware that any effects with dissolves cannot be superimposed over old dissolves in the original negative. This happens all the time in the new versions and it's just something we have to accept as part of the remastering. Any new dissolves with effects are going to have to be shifted over to cover the old dissolves.

If the ORIGINAL original negative of the live action was still available, then the dissolves could be in their original positions. Unfortunately, nobody in 1967 could have imagined the archival value of such source footage, and it long since ended up in Desilu's (or Howard Anderson Cos') waste bin.

Unfortunate, but for me, the tradeoff was WELL worth it.

Ssosmcin, I would welcome an opportunity to view your last-year's thread on Doomsday effects errors.


~ Mr Atoz

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Well this has been my complaint with the recent LA LA Land Soundtrack that was advertised as complete and perfect by the producers. When you change something, you create a unique work. If you edit, and the edit is not exactly where the original edit is placed, then it is not restoration -- it is alteration. To me, a purist, this is unacceptable.

Another episode that comes to mind is "Court Martial" -- The fade in of the scene where the trial has moved to the bridge of the ship is timed differently - there is a dissolve between the effects and the live action. The timing of the dissolve has been changed and I also think the audio may have been modified somewhat.

If you complain to CBS, they will send you a coupon off your next DVD/Blu purchase! LOL
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