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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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It's dead on target if you're a curmudgeonly Trek fan who laughably feels they've been betrayed since JJ Abrams took the helm of the franchise, and can't stand the thought of his continued success and remarkable rise to prominence.
I think we all agree that Abrams pumped some much needed life into the Trek franchise and that he is a talented guy. The last film was better than most entries in the Trek franchise. Moreover, I think he is the right sort of guy for Star Wars.

In short, he is cool guy at the prom.

What I think some are deluded about is his commitment to the ugly girl. The one he said that he wasn't a fan of. the one he didn't mind taking to the dance because there was no intimidation factor. and let's not delude ourselves about the amount of time he will have to helm two major franchises.

That and there is a weird sort of Uncle Tom mentality in our fandom. Fans who dislike fans for being fans. Dennis, for example, paradoxically believes that fans are irrelevant (in which case they wouldn't matter either way), but are at least important in sense that they should be insulted by big wigs in a manner that reminds them how unimportant they really are (in which case they cannot be totally irrelevant, since you take no notice whatever of that which is truly irrelevant).

Garak wrote: View Post
Being able to take on two of the most recognizable sci-fi franchises in history is quite an astounding and significant accomplishment, no matter how you cut it.
Anyone who takes two girls to the prom has to have some mojo going on. Star Wars, however, is sacred. There is a huge pressure to NOT screw it up. At least, this is how Abrams feels. Star Trek just became a low priority.

See you by punchbowl. Let's pour a glass and drink a toast to the King and Queen. And then let's hope for some other cool, or at least cool-ish, guy to asks us for a dance.
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