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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

Episode 9: Brother Against Brother

Daniel gasped as he woke, surrounded by the gel of the rebirth chamber which he had designed. He was weak, and his head was pounding, but slowly the pain faded away and his vision cleared, his strength began to return as the nutrients in the gel were absorbed directly into his skin.

He heard the metallic clang of steps and saw a single glowing red-eye on the face of a Centurion standing over him.

“Hello, there,” Daniel said. “A hand, please?” He asked as he held up one arm.

The Centurion leaned forward and he gently took Daniel’s hand and helped him to his feet. The father of the Cylons smiled at the mechanical warrior standing before him. “It has been too long, old friend,” he said, but the Cylon did not—could not—answer. He had no mouth, no vocal apparatus. The M Zero One Sevens communicated solely by wireless among themselves—it was more efficient. But Daniel did not need to hear his child, and he nodded. “Yes, I was gone for a long time—absent from my work. That is finished.”

He walked over to small shower and he hosed off the gel from his skin—and then he dried himself and dressed, examining his hands. They still tingled and Daniel rejoiced in the sensation. It was his first Resurrection, after all. Something to be savored, enjoyed.

“Where are the others?” he asked and the Centurion gestured with his head. Daniel laughed. “Lead on, my son,” he said.

************************************************** **

“I did not need this,” muttered One as he rubbed his temples. Those humans—those damned humans. They had destroyed two more Resurrection Ships—two in the same day! Three of the irreplaceable vessels forever lost.

And the Guardians had returned, attacking his brothers and sisters—abducting them. And in greater numbers than he had imagined—their Imperious Leader must have spent the past decades building new ships and Centurions . . . he should have allowed for that, but it was something he had missed.

“We still have the two Resurrection Ships, one trailing behind the Basestars pursuing Galactica and the second behind your force chasing the new humans,” said Two as he considered the map.

“They come from the Battlestar Scorpia, and the humans are the least of your problems, my children,” a new voice—a strange voice, yet familiar—suddenly echoed through the command center. All seven of the Cylons present turned to see a human—a Cylon?—walk in through the doors . . . and the Centurions did not stop him.

“Who are you, and how did you get here?” One asked, and then he shook his head. “Take him,” he commanded the Centurions—the Centurions did not obey. And the One blinked—they all blinked.

Daniel smiled, and he spoke the code phrase that would unlock their memories—all of their memories.

And utter chaos ensued.
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