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Re: Clever step of CBS to release ST ENT on BD now?

The Wormhole wrote:
Honestly, I doubt DS9 or Voyager will ever be reelased on blu-ray. Since they were shot on video, transferring to blu-ray will require the same extensive work being done to TNG.
Set aside their popularity it might be in CBS's best interest to go ahead and remaster DS9 and VOY since the cost of shutting down and starting back up such a project would be almost as high as simply going ahead an remastering everything, even the cartoon is getting a BD release and that's not even canon.

The broadcast tapes they are sitting on aren't getting any younger, there will be a time where both series have degraded to the point they will look worse than TNG did just before the remaster.

Even if they don't bother making BDs the shows could still be put online for streaming, legal downloads, and TV for any channels worldwide that are interested, since physical media seems to be on the way out.
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