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Re: Star trek: Continues Fan Series

Vic Mignogna has tweeted episode 1 has finished shooting.

They shared this photo before Christmas and John Broughton asked the question: "Whatcha guys think? A crossover film with STC and Starship Farragut that takes place during the Wrath of Khan (WOK)-era?"

I for one would love this! I'm a huge fan of the movie era, and surely a Farragut/Continues crossover proper HAS to happen now both productions are in motion. A 'Star Trek II.V" or whatever would be great! It would be a change fron the usual TOS era productions.

The only thing they'd have to do is somehow find upgraded sets, but being someone who watched the movies long before The Original Series itself (which was actually started by New Voyages!!), I love the aesthetic.

There were a few TMP era productions in motion but have not been heard from for a while. Project Potemkin is still ongoing, but what about USS Hathaway or Lexington? The audio show 'Grissom' is very good.
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