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Re: jj abrams not in 3rd star trek movie

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Nonsense. The Trek job is Abrams's to keep or to turn down on his terms.

Anniversary nonsense appeals to hardcore fandoms. Paramount has already demonstrated that their business and creative decisions vis-a-vis Star Trek are no longer driven by that kind of pandering.
Besides, there's plenty of ways to celebrate fifty years of Trek without a movie. Me? I'll make a pizza dinner from scratch, pulling the pizza out of the oven with my Spock Vulcan Salute oven mitt. Then, I'll cut the pizza with my Enterprise pizza cutter. I'll open a couple of beers with my Enterprise bottle opener, which I'll drink out of my Captain Kirk "Star Trek" pint glass (the Spock one is for lesser occasions, McCoy is for mixed drinks, and Scotty is for, well, Scotch). If it needs it, I'll season the pizza with my Enterprise salt and pepper shakers.

I'll be doing all this in my gold tunic while wearing my gold command robe with my phaser in one pocket and my tricorder in the other. I'll have on my Spock ears as long as they're comfortable and stay on (don't want them falling into the pizza).

I will eat the pizza in front of the TV while watching my favorite TOS episodes while looking for continutity errors to rationalize in bed as I drift off to sleep that night.

A rich, full day. And I won't even miss that there's no new movie.
Somehow I feel like this happens more regularly than just on Anniversary occasions... >_>
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