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Re: Abrams Directing Star Wars

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so whats so bad about him directing star wars?

its like that odd attitude some people have that you can't like both wars and trek.
Exactly. I don't understand the handwringing here. So some guy is working on more than one popuar scifi franchise?

Around these parts, we call that Tuesday . . .
After sleeping on it, this makes the most sense. But I fear it means it will be 2016 at least before we see STXII. And I keep getting older, and older, and older. Gotta take care of myself.

Who really wouldn't want to be J.J. Abrams right now?

I'd imagine Orci and Kurtzman will write STXII no matter who directs. Especially if STID ends in a cliffhanger. They must have at least a general idea of where the next movie goes after that. Then, let Ben Affleck direct. I mean, turns out he wasn't Spock, so this would be a nice consolation.
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