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Re: Olympus Has Fallen trailer (Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Ashley J

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^Just about, though. Tatum Channing and Gerard Butler are equally bland leads.
I'm a straight dude and all, but Channing is so damn handsome even his alleged blankness can't help but be compelling to me. Like Keanu, except believable in his non-superpowered physical badassery.

Butler, OTOH, is like a poor man's Russel Crowe. He was good in Mrs. Brown, alongside Judi Dench, and he and his beard fit the hyper-reality of 300, but remove the beard and stick him in an actioner, all you've got is a cologne model.

And gah, don't remind me of Firewall! That brief shot of Indiana Jones tackling the T-1000 was in no way worth the agony, and I saw it for free with a live Ford Q&A afterwards!
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